It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

Effective usage(content proof mail)

If it uses it well, the content proof brings a full effect. It is possible to use it by various scenes like the compensation money claim to the other party of fickleness etc.It is necessary to suppress the purpose of the following basic content proof to put out such an effect.

1) Purpose to leave content clearly
In the content from which the content is proven, and the delivery is proven proof, it is general to be able to aim, and to use that evidence to notify the other party a certain content is left for the preparation by the purpose.

2) Purpose to clarify reaching to other party
In a juridical expression of the will, there is the one not to go into force, too, if not reaching the other party. Therefore, the aim can be fulfilled by the content proof though it is necessary to prove a certain notification reached the other party.

3) Purpose to aim at psychological effect
The content proof might be put out to the other party who doesn't respond at a moment's notice if so, and it think. In a usual negotiation and the demand,This aims at a psychological effect. The affair is, and for instance, it has and there are a right and a stopping example, too, when the wife sends the content proof to master's other party's of fickleness woman and it says by a tight tone.

4) Purpose to make here serious understood
It relates even if it aims at a psychological effect, and to make seriousness here understood, the content proof can be used. The content proof might be more effective to shout a serious sheath face to face to make the resolution that will take the means of what trial hereafter understood really, too.

5) Purpose to ascertain other party's attitude and idea
The other party cannot often be becoming uneasy, and without objecting but exists by the content proof. In a word, it is an aim said that other party's attitude and idea will be pried by making it object.

6) Purpose to leave evidence
There is a method of putting out the content proof by the aim of leaving evidence when it is not easy to appeal by the trial etc. because there is no evidence. The other party of fickleness has the unchastity act of ten times, and for instance, the unchastity act becomes the content of sending of having continued for six months the relation by the other party and becomes evidence further about the fact if it is said only it is twice.

7) Purpose to clarify fact
The fact becomes uncertain and will be done in the future if it leaves it as it is even if there is a constant fact. However, it becomes indirect evidence that the content recorded together as the fact that the other party doesn't object is true and it gets it if it is made sentences and it shows to the other party.

It is likely to become the case with the minus oppositely if it doesn't execute it after deliberately though power is full if the content proof mail is effectively used. It is important to clarify 5W1H, and to simulate some opponents' patterns for that.

I think that you should take the counsel's opinion beforehand when thinking about the trial etc.


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