It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

The private road:Trouble concerning traffic on the next ground.

Trouble concerning private road and traffic on the next ground

There is a dispute of traffic on the next ground as a trouble in a region familiar like guarantor's problem. It wants to introduce the case here about the trouble of traffic on the next ground, and to explain notes.

Is there a traffic right in Fcroti?

Land that doesn't run to a public road in land enclosed by others' land is called and land where Fcroti and Fcroti are enclosed is called Cacocacoti.

Of course, if he or she doesn't pass others' land (Cacocacoti), the owner of Fcroti cannot use his land freely and enough. Then, the civil law admits the traffic right of Cacocacoti for the owner of Fcroti for the adjustment related to the use of the real estate. (one Article 210 clause)

I want to pass the private road that others own.

The private road is a road that a general person uses for traffic based on the property right. Therefore, the private road cannot be used if there is originally no approval of the owner. It is because of trust to owner's freedom how to use the private road.

Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate with the owner of the private road even if passing in the private road is more convenient, and to obtain the approval of traffic.

I want to claim the administrative and maintenance expense of the private road.

The land owner will basically do the maintenance management by the one to use land that a private man owns as a road as the private road.

However, if some conferences have been approved among users, it will shoulder the expense respectively including the land owner for the control of maintenance of the private road according to the content of the conference when several people are using the private road.

Moreover, being confer in the future and deciding the amount of the defrayal come naturally.


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