It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

The noise:Trouble concerning the stink.

There is a dispute of the noise and the stink as a trouble in a region familiar like guarantor's problem. It wants to introduce the case here about the noise stink trouble, and to explain notes.

The next piano is annoying.

Nobody can do completely as daily life is sent without emitting the sound. There is unlimitedly the one to emit the sound such as family's conversation, air conditioner, televisions, and cars.

Such a noise is called daily life noises though the piano is this one. In daily life noises, there is up to the victim the same as becoming by the possibility of becoming an assailant and is distinctiveness of being. In a word, element each other is strong.

Therefore, I think that solving it by the discussion of the limitation of reducing a piano sound and the played time to some degree etc. is the best method.

The stink of the hog factory is awful.

About the stink, it is restricted by the law of stink prevention method, and the hog factory is restricted.

Therefore, it is necessary to suit the restriction standard provided in the place where it is in the region specified for the restriction object by the region in which dwellings admitted to have to prevent the stink to maintain resident's life environment gather and other reasons.

Moreover, there is a municipality that restricts it by the ordinance about the stink, too. Therefore, it is necessary to judge whether the stink corresponds to these restrictions overall.

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