It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

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Base of content proof(content proof mail)

It is thought to use the content proof mail in the other party of fickleness and the divorce trouble, and I want to explain the content proof here.

In general, the one said, "Content proof" is accurately a kind of "Mail" "Content proof mail".

In mail, it differs from the mail usually treated like "Resistered mail" and "Express delivery post", etc. , and there is something that special handling is done. "Content proof mail" is mail that this special handling is done.

Then, what special handling is done as for "Content proof mail"?The mail method establishes this as follows.

"In the handling of the content proof, the content of the barrel of the content of mail concerned document is proven in the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. "(Article 63)

The content proof is that the public office in the country proves the content of the document in short.

However, this "The content is proven" is not "The content is proven to be true. ""Proof" The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is only contents of mail to the last.

Next, it is necessary to make it to the resistered mail to handle it as content proof when whether it is sent is very said.

Moreover, it is actually usual to do special handling of "Delivery certificate" in addition. Even if the content is proven with great pains, the effect is reduced by half in not making clear whether reaching to the other party. Then, it is necessary to prove the delivery according to the delivery certificate.

Thus, being called the content proof in general, and being used actually become "Resistered mail, content proof, and delivery certificate" mail.

The content doubted by chance when this content proof is used is brought together by the Q&A form, and use it to acquire the knowledge of the content proof, please.

- FAQ concerning content proof mail
Q1 . Do when the receipt is refused?
A1 . The receiver might refuse the acceptance of the content proof. In this case, the addressor replies the paper of the receipt refusal. However, it is considered that the expression of the will by the content proof reached the receiver as a legal effect because it refused though it was able to be a receipt.
Q2 . Can the content proof be penciled?
A2 . The post office can be received even in case of the content filled in with the pencil proof because there is no regulations of not filling it in with the pencil. However, it is necessary to avoid pencil book because there is no what pencils a public document in a social common idea (From the viewpoint of not being falsified).
Q3 . Do though it is heard that you should put it out from the court?
A3 . When the content proof is put out from the post office in the court, the stamp "Postmaster in the court" is pushed though it is the same even if it puts it out where as the effect. It is said that you should put it out from the court by the situation so that this word court may give the other party pressure.
Q4 .
A4 . Content..proof..expression of the will..trial..develop..try..strong..determination..early
Q5 . Cannot you ask the people other than the lawyer?
A5 . If it is most administrative scriveners, it takes care of. I think that it often does cost or more easily more kindly than the lawyer for (?). Therefore, it wants to send the content proof, and, however, the administrative scrivener of the law person in the town becomes fit as for the law though it doesn't develop in the trial for a moment.
Q6 . There is a standard by the amount billed.
A6 . I think that it only has to decide the lawyer or the administrative scrivener by the viewpoint whether develop into the trials more than big and small of the amount billed. If it is the comparatively simple one of less than three million yen, even the administrative scrivener might be good to the last as the standard.
Q7 . Does general cost that hangs to the lawyer and the administrative scrivener :?
A7 . I think that it is 10,000 yen-about 30,000 yen in case of the lawyer for 30,000 yen-about 50,000 yen for the administrative scrivener. Additionally, it often sets it as contingency fee money, that is, the amount billed what percentage. Please confirm details individually.


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