It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

The advantage none in guarantor.

It explains an attitude prior because it is not rolled in guarantor's trouble.

If the social responsibility comes to be going to increase in several years, I think that it is likely to be asked one degree and twice , saying that "It wants you to stand surety".

It is the advantage none in guarantor.

It is time when need the guarantor is in life when time when big shopping such as houses and cars is done, the opening capital is necessary for the corporate dropout, and the lease such as apartment houses is done a big change. When a turning point turning point of the visited life and big money are needed, the guarantor is needed for what kind of person.

However, there is no what where some profits are generated on the side of the person who stands surety. This is not never about the advantage because it will always burden the load unprofitable.

Money twines in many cases when it depends the guarantor. The side of the standpoint where danger of putting on money losses when is something is owed demands the guarantor as insurance at that time.

Therefore, it is not because the trouble never hangs because what can happen even if "Never trouble you" is feelings at that time is not understood.

I think depending of the guarantor for feelings of against which a big trouble is pressed to exist.

Essential principles when it is asked are to refuse absolutely at any cost. Feelings as a constant loss is determined are necessary when standing surety against the opposite by unavoidable by all means circumstances.

I think that you should confirm that it doesn't become a panel "So could not" necessary at least of the check on the repayment period and the amount of money etc. later.

Please think how it refuses if it is not easy to refuse is you referring to how to refuse the guarantor.


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