It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

Danger fully : the guarantor.


Bar association list

I do not think that a lot of things that request something to the lawyer are the lives and exist so. Therefore, it explains how to look for the lawyer.

First of all, it introduces the lawyer who knows from the relative, the friend, and the acquaintance, etc.It looks for bar association in various places, and there is an introduction method when nobody introduces.

The legal fee is as follows in the standard of Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

Legal aid services
Constant amount within the range from 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen for every 30 minutes first time. Thereafter, it is amount within the range from 5,000 yen to 25,000 yen for every 30 minutes.
The legal fee is enabled to be increased and decreased within the proper range after it confers in consideration of request person's economical funds and the complexity etc. of case.

For your information, the where to make contact list of bar association is described, and inquire, please if the lawyer's introduction is necessary.

(As of November 1, 2009. )
- Hokkaido area
Sapporo Sapporo City Chuo Ward the north Article 1 west 10-1-7 011-281-2428
Hakodate Hakodate City Kaminiikawa-cho 1-8 0138-41-0232
Asahikawa Asahikawa City Hanasa town 4 0166-51-9527
Kushiro Kushiro City Kashiwagi-cho 4-7 0154-41-0214
- Tohoku area
Aomori Aomori mayor island 1-3-26 0177-77-7285
Sendai The first in Sendai City green leaves district town 1-17-20 022-223-1001
Yamagata Yamagata City inn town 2-4-22 0236-22-2234
Iwate Morioka city circle 9-1 019-651-5095
Akita King 7-1-1 Akita City mountain 018-862-3770
Fukushima Fukushima City Hanazonocho 5-45 0245-34-2334
- Kanto area
Tokyo The Chiyoda Ward haze is barrier 1-1-3. 03-3581-2201
The first in Tokyo The Chiyoda Ward haze is barrier 1-1-3. 03-3581-2201
The second in Tokyo The Chiyoda Ward haze is barrier 1-1-3. 03-3581-2201
Yokohama Yokohama City Nakaku Japanese Main Street 9 045-201-1881
Saitama Urawa City Takasago 4-7-20 048-863-5255
Chiba Chiba City Chuo Ward 4-13-12 043-227-8431
Mito Mito City Omachi 2-2-75 029-221-3501
Tochigi Utsunomiya City Obata 2-7-13 028-622-2008
Gunma Maebashi City Otemachi 3-6-6 027-233-4804
- Hokuriku area
Fukui Fukui city order making 1-24-43 0776-23-5255
Kanazawa Kanazawa city Marunouchi 7-2 076-221-0242
Toyama Toyama city Nishida local town 2-7-5 0764-21-4811
- Tokai area
Nagoya 1-4-2 of Nagoya City Nakaku 3 whole 052-203-1651
Shizuoka Shizuoka City chaser town 10-80 054-252-0008
Gifu Gifu City Hashits town 22 058-265-0020
Mie Tsu City 3-23 059-228-2232
- Kinki area
Osaka Osaka City Kita Ward Nishitemman 2-1-2 06-6364-0251
Kyoto Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward wealth alley Cayomaltamaticda L 075-231-2335
Kobe Kobe City Chuo Ward Tatibanacayo 1-4-3 078-341-7061
Nara Nara City Noboru Main Street town 5 0742-22-2035
Shiga Otsu City plum grove 1-3-4 0775-22-2013
Wakayama The fourth in Wakayama City town 5 0734-22-4580
- Chinese area
Tottori Tottori City east town 2-223 0857-22-3912
Shimane Matsue City Hahacoromo town 68 0852-21-3225
Okayama Okayama City south 1-8-29 086-223-4401
Hiroshima Hatchobori 2-66 on Hiroshima City Nakaku 082-228-0230
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi City station street 1-6-1 0839-22-0087
- Shikoku area
Kagawa Prefecture Takamatsu City Hisashi town 2-3-11 0878-22-3693
Tokushima Tokushima City Tokushima Hommachi 2-32 088-652-5768
Kochi Kochi City Echizen-cho 1-5-7 0888-72-0324
Ehime Matsuyama City 3 town 4-8-8 089-941-6279
- Kyushu and Okinawa area
Fukuoka 1-1 in Fukuoka City Chuo Ward castle 092-741-6416
Saga Alley 4-16 in Saga City 0952-24-3411
Nagasaki Nagasaki City honor town 1-25 0958-24-3411
Oita Very city Ni town 7-15 097-536-1458
Kumamoto Kumamoto City capital town 1-13-11 096-325-0913
Kagoshima Kagoshima City Yamashita-cho 13-47 099-226-3765
Miyazaki Miyazaki City Asahi 1-8-28 0985-22-2466
Okinawa Okinawa Prefecture Naha City Hen 1-2-15 098-833-5545


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