It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

In the risk of the undertaking of the guarantor, it is also true that it is one of the absorbed well troubles though is sure to know to a lot of people.

I think that the person and the relative who has the obligation depend the guarantor, and there are a lot of people who have the experience said that it was not able to refuse, too.

There is putting away in damage unexpected though words such as "Never trouble you" and" "Because of formal one it were believed and undertaken. For instance, it is when it disposes of property for the payment of the cautionary obligation, I also borrow money or the guarantor self-goes bankrupt.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

" "Only because of person who can trust it very much if I ..such rare it.. do not easily become a guarantor but even becoming it is a caution needed.

There are various kinds even if it is said the guarantor. General is a guarantor it or a cosigner of the lending and borrowing of money. Moreover, there is a root guarantor of the guarantee of many and unspecified claims such as fidelity guarantees and credit cards requested when finding employment that will be generated in the future, too. In the transaction, there is existence of back guarantor who guarantees a note, too.

I think that it is thought that it might be the anyway formal one if it is asked, and undertaking it is also more , saying that "Cannot the personal reference be undertaken for finding employment?" though refusing even if it is asked might be more because guarantor for loans's danger is said well.

However, I think that the person who undertakes the guarantor is a little after accurately understanding the responsibility and the obligation that the fidelity guarantee shoulders even for that case.

The trouble over the guarantor develops into a big problem not settled with "Did not know well" and" "Only though the name was lent and a big problem like this case.

Moreover, this site explains the land boundary problem with neighbors that tends to happen in not only the trouble over the guarantor but also daily life, noises with the local populace, and problems of right to sunshine etc.

I think that I would like you to understand the risk of a guarantor and a familiar trouble enough through this site by all means. It would be greatly appreciated if the hint that evades the trouble in daily life beforehand could be given and.

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