It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

Arbitrary arrangement and voluntary bankruptcy

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- Arbitrary arrangement

There is a means of doing business when it is not a large sum by the statement of the amount of the debt of the voluntary bankruptcy, using a public organization for the court to mediate when the repayment is possible if it is long-term installments because it is attached to a constant official position and there is an assured income, and the debtor and the creditor's privately talking and arranging it voluntarily.

The debtor is important, and it is directly and it is proceeding important to creditor's place not to give easily according to the negotiation, to put up the lawyer in the deputy because it is difficult, and to arrange the negotiation method.

Honestly reporting on the full amount without obscuring the amount of money of the debt when taking the counsel's opinion is important. The lawyer who receives the consultation puts out the intervention notification to the creditor at once. This is the one that the lawyer became debtor's deputy to inform. Juridical and the creditor press and cannot collect for the person in question by doing so.

It is ..Interest Limitation Law.. based of an arbitrary arrangement, decides a remaining debt, and is a batch or division, and is ..plan of the repayment that doesn't overwork.. ..union... In many cases, the trader of credit and the loan is doing business by the usurious interest of the violation of Interest Limitation Law occasionally. It is when repaying it a lot when calculating based on Interest Limitation Law.

- Voluntary bankruptcy

The amount of money of the debt is a large sum, and there is a means of doing the Monkey of the voluntary bankruptcy setting up in an arbitrary arrangement, too, when it seems to be difficult. Please do neither nor an easy idea that the guarantor is not scared because it only has to self-go bankrupt when the time comes. Please do not forget consideration that other means are unavoidable selections to leave the life newly so that not being possible to take it may come to the last.

First of all, a necessary procedure does the Monkey of the voluntary bankruptcy setting up to the district court on the residence ground. The examination such as without the property concealed why for those who state it to have entered such a state, and to reflect is done, it is judged whether the bankruptcy adjudication is suitable, and is performed the bankruptcy adjudication.

Afterwards, the decision of the immunity is not so though the Monkey of the immunity setting up will be done it though sentenced comparatively smoothly if there are no concealed property etc. , and the bankruptcy is objectively clear if it is a bankruptcy adjudication.

The person who has the objection in the creditor is tried after it is investigated whether, and decided. whether the lie is not or did not waste it for the stated materialThe payment obligation of the debt disappears if the immunity is safely decided through such an examination.

As for the procedure that a series of voluntary bankruptcy states, smoothly it is possible to do, and taking the counsel's opinion still thinks the procedure to be safe though even I one can do.


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