It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

Sunshiny:Trouble concerning the view.

There is a dispute of sunshiny and the view as a trouble in a region familiar like guarantor's problem. It wants to introduce the case here about the sunshiny view trouble, and to explain notes.

Can it be insisted on on right to sunshine though the hospital is constructed in the next?

The level of the sunshiny obstruction receives on the social life and it is decided whether right to sunshine is violated whether it is a disadvantage of the extent that can be left. However, the judgment element it is in the maximum permissible limit will judge the possibility of the level of damage not single meaning, the region, and the harm evasion, the possibilities of the damage evasion, and the progress of the negotiationss, etc. overall.

You can say that the enhancement of the hospital accommodation is as high as the case a public necessity from the viewpoint of the community health. The sunshiny damage is received compared with the condominium etc. of the profit-pursuing purpose, and therefore, please endure and remember the degree is should strong.

The apartment house stands, and the sea disappears in front of a house.

The view is obtained by circumstances chance, that there is no obstruction thing in planting land that others own. As for this, the same thing can be said also to the problem of sunshiny.

However, it doesn't become it so that the right to a view is admitted in general compared with right to sunshine because the view is mental while it is necessary and sunshiny is indispensable in life, and it is not possible to say until necessary indispensability.

Of course, the view profit completely receives legal protection, and the severe of idea as no admission one for a general house.

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