It is a purpose as for the prevention of the money lending and borrowing trouble by the guarantor and the cosigner. It explains notes of the adjustment of debts of a voluntary bankruptcy and an arbitrary arrangement.

Danger fully : the guarantor.

Acquisition of knowledge in Q&A

To deepen knowledge of the guarantor, the doubt etc. held by the Q&A form for the guarantor were brought together.

- Can the minor become a guarantor?

It is not possible to stand surety against there is the parents'(parental authority person) consent (agreement) because the person of less than 20 years in the civil law is a minority. The guarantor can make the minor if there is the parents' consent.

However, it is general that the side where it is demanded to usually put up the guarantor dislikes minor's standing surety. The person who has the guarantee ability in the minor because of few there are to the problem a lot there was the parents' agreement or no or afterwards.

- What is the responsibility that the guarantor of the credit card assumes?

It is the same as the guarantor when hiring from the bank and a usual debt are done. It is necessary to assume the responsibility instead when contractor's payment stagnates for the credit card and to pay.

- Is there an order in cosigner's guarantee obligation?

There are neither an order nor the order of the payment obligation implementation at all when there are two or more cosigners.

If the claim is received from the creditor, every cosigner should pay the full amount of the claim. The creditor can claim the full amount to everyone of the cosigner. The cosigner cannot refuse this. Afterwards, the guarantor who finishes the payment of the debt in place of the debtor can naturally claim contingent of each one to other cosigners.

- What is the endorsement guarantee of the bill?

The bill is used by the transaction well as well as the check. I want to take the guarantee when there is uneasiness in drawer's solvency as a receipt of it because it is the one used to pay in place of cash.

Then, the method that the guarantor does stamping of signing name on the back side of the bill is usually used, and this is called "Endorsement guarantee" of the bill though the bill guarantor will be put up.

In a word, the endorsement duty will owe the obligation of payment to the person who did stamping of signing name on the back side of the bill in place of the drawer when the payment of the amount of money of the face value was guaranteed, those who have it about the bill show the bill in a specified bank, and it becomes the bill dishonored with the financial deficit and the suspension of business transaction.

- What is the guarantor of the leasing contract?

The guarantor of the leasing contract book is usually a cosigner. You should pay taking the place when the lease user fails to pay the rental revenue when the signature stamping is done to this.

When the leasing contract is released by the charge nonpayment, the obligation according to the breach of contract of the payment obligation etc. of the batch payment of the rental revenue for the remainder and damage money will be caused, too.


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